Introducing the ConstantQ™ Thruster

Propulsion Solutions for Small Satellites

The M1.4 ConstantQ Thruster has undergone successful testing campaigns at both Georgia Tech and NASA Glenn Research Center

Our Trajectory

Our philosophy and history determine our future trajectory.

About Miles Space

Our team of expert leaders and engineers came together for one purpose: to create technological excellence. With CEO Wesley Faler leading the way, Randall Leshin providing counsel, Brian Piccioni handling business finances, and Alex Wingeier providing information technology, our employees build cutting-edge technology suited to a wide range of aerospace interests.

Our original technology was created for the NASA CubeQuest Challenge, where it won prizes in every Ground Tournament. The satellite is on track to be launched on the Artemis mission, and poised to break competitive records.

Our established partnerships allow us to deliver commercially available LEO and GEO communication systems at a fraction of the cost of conventional dishes. Readily deployable worldwide at a fraction of the cost of fixed

Our NASA Award Winning Team

The Miles Space management team is led by Wesley Faler. Wes brings 15 years of plasma thruster experience and 25 years leading small engineering groups, including software development for Part Time Scientists, a Lunar X-Prize team. Randall Leshin is COO and Chief Counsel. His 30 years of experience in the startup and legal arenas provides a solid foundation for the future growth of Miles Space. Brian Piccioni brings deep industry experience in the global satellite market as CFO. He has served as senior financial executive for a number of aerospace and technology companies. Alex Wingeier is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Miles Space. Alex served as worldwide technical lead for the acquisitions division for a Fortune 100 company during their high-growth phase. He later co-founded two companies including a successful IT services company.

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