About Us

Our Executive Team

Wesley  Faler


25 years of engineering management on top of 15+ years of plasma thruster experience. He was the President of Fluid and Reason where he invented the ConstantQ thruster. Wes was a chief software engineer for a Lunar X-Prize team. Founded a team that won all challenges in the NASA Cube Quest Challenge. He then went to be a keynote speaker at space/satellite conferences. He founded and built up Miles Space Inc. providing missions with clean energy propulsion

Randy Leshin


Randy has been practicing law for over 30 years. He specializes in building and managing early stage growth for companies that have up to 150 employees. He has gained $60 mill annual revenue for those companies. Since joining our company he has been working towards building Miles Space.

Brian Piccioni


Brian has experience serving as a senior financial executive for multiple aerospace and technology companies. Successful turnaround as a CFO  at previous companies, He has also held senior financial executive positions in multiple companies including: Idirect, GeoEye, Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions, and Verestar. Brian contributes to Miles Space with his experience of global satellites.

Alex Wingeier



Before Miles Space, Alex managed technical integration of worldwide objectives for a Fortune 100 company. Later he co-founded a successful IT services company. He contributes to Miles Space by shaping our technological base and building up the company’s technological department.