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Miles Space

Reaching for the stars

Our team of expert leaders, citizen scientists and engineers came together for one purpose: to create technological excellence. With team lead Wesley Faler leading the way, Randall Leshin providing counsel, Brian Piccioni handling business finances, and Alex Wingeier providing information technology, our employees build cutting-edge technology suited to a wide range of aerospace interests.

Our original technology was created for the NASA CubeQuest Challenge, where it won prizes in every Ground Tournament. The satellite is on track to be launched on the SLS EM-1 mission, and poised to break competitive records.

Executive Team

The Miles Space management team is led by Wesley Faler, who has 15 years of plasma thruster experience, 25 years leading small engineering groups, led lunar rover software development, and keynoted the 2012 NVidia GPU conference. Randall Leshin is COO and Chief Counsel. In addition to practicing law for 30 years in the areas of complex commercial litigation and non-profit law, Randall has formed and operated small and medium sized businesses grossing upwards of 60 million dollars per year and employing up to 150 employees. Brian Piccioni brings global satellite business knowledge as CFO. He has served as CFO and senior financial executive for a number of aerospace and technology companies. Alex Wingeier is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Miles Space, where he is serves as the infrastructure, support and business engagement and advisory end of Team Miles. Alex began his career in the high technology sector at Jabil Circuit, Inc. and later founded two companies, one a successful IT services company.

Wes Faler


  • Formerly President of Fluid & Reason, where he invented the ConstantQ thruster
  • Formerly co-owner of a customer software shop focused on hundreds of technologies
  • Founder of Team Miles (NASA Cube Quest Challenge) and keynote speaker at space / satellite conferences

Randy Leshin


  • President of Randall Leshin, PA
  • 30 Years practicing law
  • Formed & created businesses of $60M in revenues and 150 employees
  • Consulted with major corporations

Brian Piccioni


Satellite experience with iDirect, GeoEye and Verestar CFO of ServInt and Mindseeker, both successful turnarounds Capital raise, debt refinancing, M&A and integration experience

Alex Wingeier


Experience in high technology sector and technological integrations Former owner of a successful managed IT services company Currently a member of Team Miles

Our Roots

Team Miles, a collection of citizen inventors, came together to compete in the Cube Quest Challenge. Our goal is to develop a small satellite that will orbit the moon and then journey to a deep space asteroid. Our mission goals are to demonstrate the ability to conduct orbital maneuvers, navigate to a target given limited information, and demonstrate robust communications with a ground station from both lunar orbit and deep space. We will be refining and implementing several new technologies including plasma thrusters, a failsafe computing cluster, and a revolutionary communications strategy.

As part of accomplishing these goals, we plan to compete for a number of prizes offered in the Cube Quest Challenge. By leveraging our competitive advantages, we believe we are uniquely qualified to perform exceptionally in achieving lunar orbit, establishing lunar orbit to ground station communications and establishing ourselves in deep space for the distance prize.

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The Challenge

According to NASA, the Cube Quest Challenge is designed to foster innovations in small spacecraft propulsion and communications techniques. Teams compete to win up to a total of $1,500,000 in cash prizes by meeting or exceeding technical objectives for communication from at least 4,000,000 kilometers from Earth during the Deep Space Derby. Up to a total of $3,000,000 in cash prizes will be awarded to and shared between registered Competitor Teams that are able to meet or exceed technical objectives for propulsion and communication from lunar orbit during the Lunar Derby.

A series of four Ground Tournaments were conducted prior to both the Deep Space
Derby and Lunar Derby. Competitor Teams that successfully compete in at least GT4, and declare their intention to
launch on EM-1, are eligible for selection to integrate, launch, and be deployed from EM-1 for
in-space Challenges purposes.

The Results

Team Miles is a four time winner in the NASA CubeQuest Challenge!

GT1 – Team Miles Earns First Place in NASA Challenge
GT2Team Miles wins $30K in CubeQuest Challenge 
GT3 – Team Miles Earns First Place in Ground Tournament 3
GT4 – Tampa Startup Team Miles Brings Home Another NASA CubeQuest Top Finish

Our cubesat wins a NASA ride past the moon to journeys almost to Mars on the upcoming SLS EM-1 mission!