M1.4 ConstantQ™ Thruster


ConstantQ™ Thruster

Propulsion Solutions for Small Satellites

  • The ConstantQTM thruster is a hybrid electrostatic thruster
  • Built to the rigorous safety standards of the NASA SLS EM-1 Mission (now Artemis)
  • Compact and power-efficient design
  • Mid-range fuel economy, low mass and volume and market leading low power essentials
  • Successful testing campaigns
    • Georgia Tech
    • NASA Glenn Research Center

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ConstantQ™ Thruster

Built for CubeSats

Our innovative hybrid electrostatic thruster is available in a 0.5U or 1U form to provide the delta-V needed to meet your mission needs. With our proprietary software, we can provide propulsion, detumbling, and powerful pointing authority for your satellite. The ConstantQ is suitable for a wide range of mission objectives.

  • Orbital repositioning
  • Orbital insertion
  • Deorbiting operations
  • Orbit elevation from LEO to GEO
  • Close quarters maneuvers
  • Solid state detumbling operations

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 cm


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